I built a hut in my room; I built a hut in our backyard; I built a hut in the lounge.

“Shall we make a cool hut?”

“Ok then.”

“Let’s go!”

“Shall we put the couches together?”

“Ok then.”

We started by pushing the couches together. Kyah had her own and I had my own too. Then we put some blankets on top of the couches. After that we put some pillows inside to make it comfortable. But Kyah had more pillows than me. We played a game that if someone had left their hut and their door was open they could steal pillows. 

 By Portia


I built a hut at Caydence’s house; I built a hut at Nana’s house; I built a hut by the tank. I worked with my sister. We made a wooden hut.

“Should we put a doorway in?”

“Yeah, if you want to.”

“We could bring a little table in.”

“And chairs!”

“Go get some sticks!”

We made the doorway out of an old door and a door handle. We used five huge pieces of wood for the walls and the roof. We glued sticks and leaves on top of the roof. Taylor and I chose a colour together and started painting the other huge four pieces. We asked Dad to use his special wood glue to glue the pieces together and glue it to the tank. Dad helped us cut the hole for the door and put the hinges on. Dad, Mum, Taylor and I all helped lift the door and put it in. Dad went and did his own jobs and Mum went back inside. Taylor and I repainted the door together. We shut the door and made sure the door worked. Taylor and I got the table and chairs. We each took a side of the table and we started walking down the outside stairs. I put the table in while Taylor went back and got the chairs. Mean while Taylor came back with the chairs. We then made some invitations for Mum, Dad, Hunter and ourselves to come to morning tea on our hut. Taylor gave them out while I made some fruit salad. Our hut is still up, it is awesome!

 By Ella