The milking shed.


Mr Schick in the rotary shed.


Rebecca and Shamaea in the rotary shed.


Mr Schick at the rotary shed.


Children patting the calves.


Caitlin patting the calves.


The cow in the milking shed.


The cow getting milked

On the 29th of August rooms 16, 18 and some of room 7 went on a farm trip. To start off we travelled to Aoroa to Mr Schick’s farm.  We stood around the milking area while Mr Schick enjoyed telling us facts about the herring-bone cowshed and why it’s called one (it’s called a herring-bone shed because if you look over the top of it, it looks like the spine of a fish).   We were allowed to put our fingers in the suction cups!!! That was awesome. It felt like our fingers were being sucked by a gentle vacuum.

At Te Maire, we looked at the Smith’s rotary shed.  Many people wanted to have a ride on it but it was too dangerous.  Then we went out to the calves!!! We all enjoyed this part, as many of them sucked our hands. Other people just wanted to pat them.  Next we watched the cows getting milked, we saw them walk into their position.  The suction cups in the rotary came off automatically when the milking was finished.  In the end we thanked Pete and Doug, and came back to school.  We all enjoyed the day.