Being a PAL leader involves going up in assembly and putting the winning shield up for the week.  Choosing the right games for children, explaining how to play the game as well as running it too.  As a PAL leader you need to change aspects of it, to make it interesting .   We also look out for children who show good sportsmanship. By Rebecca Froggatt.

I really enjoy taking kids out to play games because its good to see them playing together and bonding.  Its a real pleasure to be picked as a PAL leader because I really worked hard to be one.  It’s a lot of work but I enjoy it.  It’s a lot easier with a partner because I don’t think I could do it by myself.  I like to teach the kids new games because when they don’t have me they can play it. By Blake Paxton.

I enjoy being a PAL leader because it’s good to get  children to play games.  Its nice to see them getting along with each other and playing with each otherYou get to help them out by letting them play your  game.  Being a PAL leader is hard work but fun at the same time.  I enjoy being a PAL leader because not everyone can be one and you only have one chance to be a PAL leader. By Jack Howells

What a PAL leader means to me.  It means doing games for other people and being helpful,being picked for jobs and going on special trips.  You get to choose your own partner to take games.  Also ,you have to be prepared as a PAL leader to give up your own time to support others. By Harry Comber.