On Friday 16th of August All Body Jammers  got prepared to do an amazing dance to impress 4 judges.  Most of them pulled it off!!  Here are the results:

  Y5/6 Indivduals

1st place Zsalea

Y5/6 Twos/ Threes

1st The Identity Crew – Maiana, Cindarella, Anna

2nd Lil Swag Mamas – Zsalea, Jessica, Chenille

3rd Room 18 Rockers – Erin, Sophie, Francie

Y5/6 Teams

1st Trouble Makers – Olivia, Zara, Brodie M, Renee

Y3/4 Induviduals

1st Maiana

2nd Rip Girl – Ellie

3rd Tik Tok – Kaia L

Y3/4 Twos/Threes

2nd Lightning Points – Te Wai, Haley, Haylee

3rd Super Sonics – Caydence, Ella P

Y3/4 Teams

1st Sparklets – Anya, Adelaide, Lara, Mikayla

3rd Star Lights – Brooke, Courtney W, Domi, Rosemary, Ella K, Emily

Those are the Dargaville Primary results. Well done all the participants.