After our trip to the Kumara Box we wrote about the process of kumara – from beginning to end – in groups of three.

There were 5 pictures – one on each table. We had 6 minutes to write about each picture, then moved on to the next one.

This is what we wrote.









When we went to the Kumara Box we learnt how to plant kumara. This is how to. The planters put some kumara in the dirt. We saw the kumara growing.

The kumara are growing and the kumara have plastic on top of them.

The kumara are growing in the beds.






We see the people on the machine. The people are putting the kumara plants in the dirt.

I see some kumara are growing on the dirt. It was cool that we have seen this thing at all.

The kumara are growing on the ground.








The kumara are getting up on the ground.

the kumara are getting out of the mud.

The people are picking up the kumara.

The people are sorting the kumaara.

It is awesome and the kumara are going up.

The day was great.








The kumara got picked up.

The kumara are getting packed and are going to the market.

The people are putting them in the box and they are selling them.








The kumara are in the pot.

We like kumara chips.

I like eating kumara chips.

I like kumara chips and I like kumara fried.

I like kumara nuggets.

Kumara soup tastes like potato.



We talked about how we felt about working and learning together.