On Wednesday Room 9 had fundamental motor skills with Sarah.  They had a fantastic time.  Here are some of their comments and take a look at the photos.

We did the tent with the parachute.  It was fun because it was all sorts of colours in the tent. – Stella.


DSCN0449 DSCN0448


We went under and out, under and out – Dani.

I liked it when the toys were going up and down like popcorn – Kayla.

DSCN0458 DSCN0460

I liked when we crawled under to get the toys – Texan.

We liked playing rob the nest.  We had to rob the animals from other people’s nests and the bucket – Jake, Elisha, Ngawai, Luke.

Sarah does cool stuff.  She does good games with us – Kayla, Jake.