We had fun at our Wheels Day.

Then we wrote stories about it.









I was making a noise and I was glad. It was so much fun.


Baelee went over the bumps.


I saw the people on the scooters from the playground.


I saw the people and I saw the people on their scooters.

Sam G

I went to Wheels Day. I had a great time. I wish Wheels Day was tomorrow too.


I went on Pim’s scooter and the wind came on me. It was fun.


I drove and I rode my scooter and I did a big skid and a wheelie.

Sam M

I like riding on Emma’s scooter and Pim’s scooter. It was feeling like the wind on Emma’s and Pim’s scooters.

That was fun at that day.


We went around the school on our scooters.


I was sharing my scooter with Miracle. I went really fast and I went fast around the back.