Blue Whales and other Baleen Whales

A whale is a marine mammal with a layer of fat called blubber, flippers, a long tail and a blowhole.

Blue whales live in all oceans. In winter blue whales and other baleen whales that live in the polar regions migrate to breed and give birth in the comforting warmth of the tropics. Sometimes migrating whales travel thousands of miles between their winter and summer habitats.

Krill makes good food for whales because of the abundance and high nutritional value. During the summer seasons blue whales may devour over 10,000 pounds (4,536 kilograms) of krill a day. Pound for pound krill contains as much protein as red meat.

A blue whale is the biggest animal in the world. Blue whales are dark blue with a blow hole on their backs  and a white tummy. Blue whales don’t have teeth  they have baleen (buh LEEN). Baleen is like the bottom of a broom.

Sadly baleen whales are in danger. Industrial whaling fleets in 1800’s and 1900’s slaughtered too many whales. Through an international pact, most countries, including America, no longer hunt whales. A few, such as Norway and Japan still do. Some species may never recover. Blue, fin, humpback, and the right whales are all in danger of becoming extinct.

I like blue whales because they are the biggest animal in the world.

By Caydence



A badger is a mustelid which is a type of mammal.

Badgers generally have white and black markings on their head and face. A badger has short, broad body and a short bushy tail. It has long claws on its feet.

All species of badgers live underground in burrows. American badgers dig several separate burrows in different parts of their large territory. The burrows of American badgers may have a few side tunnels branching off the main tunnel.

Badgers carefully choose the place for their burrows. The badger uses its strong claws to break up the earth. When it has broken up a pile of dirt, the badger scoots backwards out of the tunnel pushing the soil with its back legs as it goes.

I think badgers are cute.

By Ashlee