Earth’s Patterns

Our Inquiry theme this term is Patterns.

The Big Understanding is Earth’s patterns are sequences that interconnect.

We have been focusing on these Essential Questions:

  • What are patterns?
  • What patterns do you see in nature?



With the help of Mrs Fitness who teaches us on Tuesday afternoons, we have made a big book about Patterns.


We looked at some other patterns. Most of us know the Days of the week in order now.

We wondered about some things …








We have investigated Day and Night.

Day and Night are a pattern.

We needed to know about the earth and how it moves.

We used a globe and a torch.

We know that Ms Bishop’s son in Africa is asleep when we are awake.









We wrote reports and drew diagrams.


Day and Night

The earth is a planet.

The earth and the sun are in the sky.

The earth rotates.

We have night and day because the earth rotates and the sun shines.


We have made another book about Earth’s Patterns.

We are now thinking about the pattern of seasons.