When I want to get away from Jamie I go to my special place, it is behind the garage, it is an old shed. It has an old chair. I bring out my wooden sword from Japan, Mum got it for me. When I get hungry I go to the garden and pick some sweet raspberries and eat them secretly. It is nice and quiet so I can think about another special place to stay when Jamie knows this one.

By Thomas


My garden is big and has lots of things to play in. We can’t camp outside, the road is in sight, but we can still play rugby, cricket and tag up a hill. I can see long grass, but I have to watch out for rats and mice. It can be cold sometimes so I have to wear a jacket. I play rugby a lot in my garden, but I can’t tackle Dad because he is too strong to tackle. He always wins and he always says, “I win”. “So far,” I say in my head. When I play against Mum it’s a whole different story. I always win! It’s so fun in my fun garden.

By Theo