I am surrounded by toys in my wardrobe. Alesha is searching for me. I wonder if Alesha is coming to get me? I am squished. I am thinking to myself don’t move, don’t make a sound. When Alesha comes by I say to myself in my head don’t move, don’t make a sound. It is hot in my wardrobe. Ten minutes later Alesha has still not found me. Then I get hotter and I have to get out. I call out loud, “Alesha I win!”

By Courtney


I crawled under the dusty bed and stayed as still as I could. I heard some loud stepping coming down the hall. Don’t breathe, don’t move. My legs got stiff. Under the bad I smelt stinky socks, my dad’s ones. My legs were squashed. I needed to move but I couldn’t my sister was right by the door. I moved my leg slowly and stretched it out, that’s much better. I pulled my leg back in. Phew she never heard me. She walked in to the lounge and heard me move my arm and hit the box. She thought I was hiding in her room. She never found me!

By Brooke