The Mystery

I have colour changing spikes that are as sharp as knives. I live in a tall tree in Dargaville Primary school. I am as green as freshly grown grass and patches of brown like muddy [...]

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  • Year 2
Jay & Chanelle (2nd=), Charli (1st), Chanel & Luka (3rd)

Spelling Bee Winners 2015

Year 6Lucy (3rd), Harmony (1st), Jonathan (2nd) Year 5Ella (2nd), Hayley (1st), Ayla (3rd) Year 4Danielle (2nd), Madison (1st), Kauri (3rd) Year 3Jayden & Taylor (2nd=), Dani (1st), [...]

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Show Day Cakes and Muffins

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Show Day Parade 2015

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Book Week

We had a very successful book week, with many parents, grandparents and family members visiting the school. It was great to see them all. A large number of lovely new books were purchased for our [...]

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Emma Foy – an inspiration

Our theme for Term 3 was inspiration. Ms Harding's inspirational niece, Emma Foy, spoke to us, telling us of her journey to becoming a  world champion para cyclist, overcoming her visual limitations.  

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  • Thing 1 and Thing 2

Book Week – Parade

What a fantastic turn out of favourite book characters. The Mad Hatter Alice in Wonderland Thing 1 and Thing 2 Room 11 Miss Myburgh [...]

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DPS Fit Kids

Every Thursday lunchtime, 3 teachers and an increasing number of students head out the gates and run/walk, as part of a training/get fit or just for fun programme. On Sunday 20th, a keen group of [...]

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Book Week

Come in and check out the library - Miss K and her helpers have done an amazing job.

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Speech Finals – DPS 2015

On Tuesday 15 September 9 children competed to find out who would be the Dargaville Primary School Speech Champion. Jonathan, Lucy, Ellie, Kyran, Anya, Adelaide, Jordan, Ashlee and Max The audience was well [...]

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